Do You Feel Stuck?

With all that is going on with this pandemic, it has been difficult to stay motivated. I must admit that since I am unable to teach my clients in person, I have been less motivated to practice. I feel stuck lately and I thought that I was failing.

Looking through my IG page I see that many people are going through some stuff and they too are feeling stuck. I started to worry and panic and then thoughts of hopelessness and anxiety reared its ugly head. I knew that this could not be good. So I went back to practicing my meditation, I pulled out my healing bowl, incense, sage, crystals. I realized that it is ok to feel stuck, to feel all these emotions but we just need to let them come and acknowledge them and let them subside and that is makes us human!

It's ok to feel, to doubt, you are alive, things are happening, change is constant... let you be you and embrace life. Stuck does not have to be a bad thing. Sometimes stuck can mean you need rest, or you need to be still and observe or reflect and recoup. Get excited about your stuck and see the positive in it. Not every day will be a bed of roses, sometimes they are thorn bush; pick the thorn off and cave something beautiful out of that torn.

A positive mindset can make you VERY RESILIENT in these trying times. Light up some sage, clear out the OLD ENERGY, MEDITATE, practice AFFIRMATIONS. These are your tools to build your protective armor. You have everything you need inside you to take stuck to the next level, just believe! Namaste!

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