Don’t Be Afraid To Jump

Don’t Be Afraid To Jump

I know you have seen this title over and over again and said, yeah , whatever, they dont know my story.

I am new to this jump thing and I am here to tell you, I am a real person from humble beginnings and no real support system, but I jumped.

Yes I jumped and I do not regret doing it. I use to get up every day knowing just how my day would go and I was literally tired of it; the hampster on the wheel kind of tired. You know when you have a head cold or bad sinus and you can barely breathe and you feel like you’re either gonna pass out from lack if oxygen or stay awake all night to make sure you keep breathing. Thats how I felt. I was miserable but managing it as best as I could, putting my best foot and smile forward... until everything in my world felt like it was spinning out of control.

Now just to paint a clear picture, I had a good job, driving the latest car and had my own home. I was grateful because I worked hard and long and sacrificed a lot to achieve all of it. It just was not the life I wanted, I was not happy and I longed to do things differently. So one good day 3 years ago I wrote my resignation letter and met with my boss quickly before I could talk myself out of this big scary move.

I think everyone at my job, my family and friends thought I had lost my mind. After my meeting, I felt great and I felt like I got the wind knocked out of me. It was done and now I had to figure the rest out.

Fast forward to today, I am stil pushing, still growing, learning, but I am finding my way and fit in this life. See, there are gifts inside you, rare gifts that only you have. Realizing those gifts are your power, so its actually taking back your power.

I will never tell you that it is all easy and happy, happy, joy,joy. No, like life there are changes, some good, some bad. As long as you are doing what you love, not want, that foundation keeps your passion alive, so you are more alive than you have ever been.

Before I close, I want to say the universe will make room for your gifts, doors will open, people and money will come.

For the mere fact that your gifts exist means that the other mechanisms that are needed to birth your gifts exists as well.

I just felt inspired to share that with you. The light in me recogises the light in you. Namaste 🧘‍♂️.

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