Healing through yoga:

Updated: May 19, 2020

I always knew that yoga was a very powerful tool but i never knew it could heal as i experienced it.

I had so much going on when I decided to get back on my mat; failed marriages, several major surgeries, emotional baggae, sighs, i'd hate to go on but you get the point. I started off slow, some days I'd just lay on my mat and watch the clouds drift and take on weird shapes and just let my mind wonder until i felt the small voice quitied. I considered that my meditation moments. When I did decide to do my asanas, things started to change. My lower back tightness began to happen less and less. My mid-forties extra pounds ( thats what i call it lol) was melting away and my body was taking on a familiar tone and shape.

All that was happening was very welcomed but something happened to me emotionally that I can never pay a psychiatrist to address; my mind decluttered and i was finally seeing my light at the end of the tunnel.

Yoga is really about union of mind, body and spirit and all that it embodies, but experienceing the healing aspect was phenomenonal.

Get on your mat people, no matter how small or slow you go, you will be grateful and the healing will happen. Namaste!

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