Who Are We as Healers

I was clearing a shippment of my chakra oils and clearing sprays when I decided to review carefully, my customs invoice. I was confused and a bit concerend ( my calm inhale exhale self). The customs charges were between 45-60%. This made me question, who are we as healers in this world, which catagory does the government place us under and how do they decide how to tax us. Do we fall under wellness and health or are we service providers, business owners?

See, I am not sure how it works in the rest of the world but here in the Bahamas, yoga, chakra healers, sharmins and lightworkers are not a common norm. This leaves so many gaps and opprtunty to be exploited with taxes ..etc. I am sure the doctors and health cantres get exemptions for items they import becusae they are a norm in my country.

Hum.... Im thinking maybe we should all get together , form an association and lobby the government for fair taxes and to be treated and health and wellness professionals. I mean how do small business like us survive with these taxes?

I became a yoga instructor and chakra healer not because it was popular, but becuase it was a calling and I wanted to healp people with their health and stress management. Working in corporate Bahamas is extremely stressful and many times i wished I had resourses like meditation and chakra healing to assist. Maybe it is time for some shake up here. I believe that we are here to be the light that the world needs, especially in these times with covid and its devestating effect on the world.

Where do we start though? I think we need to come together and formulate a body of like minded persons and form this association and then work on educating our people and government so that we can be seen and treated as the necessary service that we are.

I would like to hear your instructors, chakra healers, sharmins, lightworkers,I would love to hear from you and connect.

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