The culture of using African beads has associated with material ideas and specific spiritual, such as:

1. Weight Loss

Waist beads act as a tracker helps you lose the weight and used to control weight gain issues. It means the beads are used to remind women of their weight gain and if they're pregnant. For example, if you reduce weight, then the beads on your waist will roll lower, and if you gain weight, then they will become higher or might tighter. Keep in mind that the African belly beads are won't keep you slim by doing anything. Therefore, you need to look out for yourself with combined with your diet and beads as your full-time tracker.

2. Sexual Attraction

These beads are known as belly adornments. Since the 15th century, African women have begun to use these waist beads. The women who found wearing these beads was showing they are trying to lure or seduce men towards them, and also it helps in boosting men’s sexual desires.

3. Fashion statement

Nowadays beads are trendy compared to previous frivolous. African beads becoming more into fashion and give a great look to you. Wearing smaller clothes along with the belly beads chain is now famous. So in addition to giving you a good sense of fashion, it is always your body's health tracker to remind you to control weight.

4.  Use for Celebratory

Women always want to look good on any festive day or specific parties. These belly beads add a glamorous waist curve to women when they wear short tops tank. African women wear belly beads for different celebrations. Some daughter of the king of the African was found wearing African belly beads and attracted these sons of other kings to marry them.

5. Symbol of Femininity

Handmade African beads can define as colourful strands of femininity, which are fit for any size women. These beads are becoming increasingly popular in the United States because of different beads can as a symbol of femininity, celebration, aristocracy, an attraction of self-care, self-confidence, and intimacy.

African Waist Training Beads - (25-26”)Gold, Black, Green,White and Bronze